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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams”

(DR. Seuss)


Don’t ever give up on love.

Love is just around the corner, if only you could see it. Yes, it is a struggle to find love in this day and age. Matchmakers usually consist of well meaning friends or family member and dating services are quick to set you up on awkward blind dates and or that even more awkward speed date. Usually we are stuck in the office from 9:00 – 5:00 (if we are lucky) and we end up going home exhausted and disillusioned by the days work.

No one seem to have the time to search for love, it is a draining process made worse by the clubbing and bar hopping scene. Online dating offers us a simpler and more effective way of communication rather than having to strike up conversation with a drunk and debauched single man or single woman at some dodgy club. Our free online dating service offers you a chance to become part of the dating buzz… and offers you a chance to find true love.

Our dating agency site offers you a chance to meet single men and single women from all walks of life. This is a free dating site catering to all kinds of people, no creed, race or sexual preference is turned away. We know that love comes in many forms and who are we to put a stop to that? We believe that dating online should be a chance to find love for every one. We are a dating service that offers you a chance to meet like minded people and we also offer you a chance to meet people you would never have met, and meet people you could learn something from.



Our dating service offers you a fun and flirtatious time. Matchmaking has never been this fun… no more awkward public blind dates for you! Go on our virtual dates, have private conversations with people in our private chat rooms or chat to online members in our group chat room. With us you will meet a wide and diverse range of people. Students, religious people, seniors and divorced single men and single women make up our fun and exciting online dating agency.

Everyone wants to go to sleep at night knowing that they have found love, or knowing that they truly have a chance of finding love. We all want reality to be better than our dreams. Give online dating a try, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Gain love, gain friendship and gain some much needed fun. Single and Dating is the place for you!